Library and Information Science

Salient Features of the Course

1. Programme Title

Diploma Course in Library and Information Science.

2. Entry Qualification

Matriculation or as per norms laid down by AICTE/State Board of Technical Education(10+).

3. Course Duration 

Two years

4. Programme Structure    

Semester system (Each semester is of 16 weeks and each week has 36 hours of  contact for academic work and 4 hours for student centered activities)

5. Type of the Course

Full Time



Librarians are information managers. They manage information; and adapt new technology to facilitate better access to information and knowledge.


                     To arrange books, periodicals and other reading materials in helpful sequence to facilitate easy retrieval

                     To be able to do cataloguing , the most important technique which help quick retrieval of documents and points to  the address of a document in the library.

                     To be able to use Computers and Multimedia for doing day  to day library operations and providing information services .

                     To have the knowledge of principles of book selection, tools for book selection and methods of procurement .

                     To provide Information Service

                     To correspond with book sellers publishers, venders etc and also with the library users.

                     To organise a library and its services and To manage  library budget and space.


Main Subjects : Three Year Diploma Curricula 

         Communication Skills 

         Library & Society

         Library Classification

         Library Cataloguing

         Computer & Information Science 

         Book Selection

         Information Services

         Lib. Correspondence 

         Library Management

         Information Technology


Further  Education

Eligible for Bachelorís & Master's Degree in Library Science from various Universities as a regular student or through correspondence after having 3 year's experience of working in a Library.

Job Opportunities

They work in different kinds of libraries and may be designated as Librarian or Assistant Librarian or Incharge Information Centre in the :

         Public Libraries

         Institutional/School/Colleges/ Government / Departmental  Libraries

         Information Centres (public enterprise, industrial & commercial firms)

         Libraries ( professional bodies, societies and research associations)

         Self-employment by opening circulation libraries, Information packaging units and may do marketing of journals and books.