Garment Technology

Salient Features of the Course

1. Programme Title

Diploma course in Garment Technology.

2. Entry Qualification

Matriculation and as per norms laid down by the AICTE/ State Board of Technical Education (10+)                       

3. Course Duration 

3 years

4. Type of course    

Full time     

5. Pattern of Course

Semester system
(Each semester is of 16 weeks and each week has 36-40 hours of contact for academic work) 



This course is related to manufacturing of garments such as different Types of Frocks (Embroidered), School Uniform (Boys), Ladies Gown (Embroidered), Ladies Suit of Prevailing Fashion, Lahnga Choli Decorated with Gota Kinari, Jacket, Waste Coat, Jean jacket, Safari Suit, Overcoat and other topics relating to Garment Industry.


·         To know about  different textile fibres, yarns and their manufacturing techniques, methods of fabric construction and different textile testing methods for total quality concept.

·         To know the importance of designing, art materials and tools and how different types of lines, form, colour and texture help balance and harmony in designing.

·         To  know various considerations in making of clothes, scope and importance of drafting and pattern making.

·         To take measurements and to style read any given design.

·         To give a final shape or form to a fabric according to one’s asthetic sense and creativity.

·         To design and construct  ladies and Gents Garment according to different themes and influences from Western and Indian designers.

·         To calculate the cost of garment accurately by calculating the cost of raw materials, machinery, manpower, notions, trimmings, tailoring cost, overhead charges and the profit and  every finished garment to  have a cost sheet.

·         To use  various type of machinery and equipment used in manufacturing of garments and to maintain the machinery and rectify the common defects.

·         To execute finishing processes, pressing and folding processes packing and sealing processes.

·         To control and plan production and quality of the Garments on the shop floor.

·         To supervise erection, installation and maintenance of equipment including material handling and undertake work study for better utilization of resources. 


Main Subjects :Three Year Diploma Curricula 

·         Textile Fabric

·         Garment Designing

·         Drafting, Pattern Making Style Reading & adaption 

·         Garment Const.

·         Garment Mfg. Machinery

·         Computer Aided Garment Design  

·         Industrial Management 

·         Finishing Packaging

·         Production Management & Quality Control

·         Business Management & Apparel Merchandising