Chemical Engineering

Salient Features of the Course


Programme Title

Diploma course in Chemical Engineering.


Entry Qualification

Matriculation and as per norms laid down by the AICTE / State Board of Technical Education (10+)                       


Course Duration 

3 years


Type of course    

Full time     


Pattern of Course

Semester system
(Each semester is of 16 weeks and each week has 40 hours of contact for  academic work) 



        Chemical Engineering is one of the most versatile branches of engineering. Over the years the scope of Chemical  Eng. has widened quietly and it now interfaces with several emerging disciplines such as biomedical engineering, biotechnology, micro- electronics and materials science. The advantage of a diploma in Chemical  Engineering is that it has excellent industry-academia interaction that offers consistent job placement.


         It includes design & setting up of large scale production plants to process naturally occurring raw materials into a variety of useful products such as pharmaceuticals, petroleum products, synthetic fibres, paper, plastics, rubber, paints, oils, foods etc. 

         To look after the pollution control requirements for waste disposal.

         To manufacture  various chemical products from  raw materials.

         To work on Air, water and steam  plant utilities for  running the various process equipment efficiently.

         To work with heat transfer equipments such as heat exchanges, condensers, boilers, evaporators, furnaces, etc .


Main Subjects :Three Year Diploma Curricula

         Basic Chemical Engineering

         Applied Chemistry 

         Electrical & Electronics Engineering

         Engineering Material 

         Mechanical Operations 

         Fluid Flow


         Industrial Stoichiometry 

         Environmental Engg.

         Industrial Management

         Heat Transfer 

         Chemical Technology

         Mass Transfer 

         Processing Instrumentation

         Safety & Chemical Hazards

         Plant Utilities


Further Education

         Degree through A.M.I.E.

         Certain Universities admit diploma holders in to 2nd year degree course after entrance exams.

         One can also diversify into the field of  Biotechnology, Bio Medical Engineering, Micro- electronics or Materials science, Food engineering and Mineral engineering. 


Employment Opportunities

         Chemical engineers may work in companies involved in the production of such things as food, plastics, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, metals and glass. 

         Many chemical engineers also find employment in environment protection and the reclamation or clean up of contaminated sites, or in research laboratories, chemical plants and petroleum refineries.

         Other major employers of chemical engineers include manufacturers of basic iron and steel products, Textiles and Adhesives  Industry, organic industrial chemicals and the mining industry.

         Engineers working in this field may specialize as combustion engineers, petroleum engineers, principal chemical engineers, smelting engineers, water treatment engineers or environmental engineers.

         Teaching and Research.